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Our company was involved in the frozen trimming business in 2013, mainly providing burr processing services for rubber parts, polyurethane, thermoplastic resin, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.
Vacuum Hood Hydraulic Forming Machine (ZK Series)
Fully automatic cold injection press flat vulcanizing machine (patent)
Freeze trimming
Rubber automatic injection molding machine (ZK-S series)
Automatic Vacuum Compressor Rubber Forming Machine
Vacuum Hood Hydraulic Forming Machine (ZK Series)
rubber extruder
200T basketball (ball) press forming machine
200T basketball (ball head) pressure special forming machine
300T new cold injection molding machine
100T flat vulcanizing machine
150T quadruple sole automatic vulcanizing machine
Loyalty and credibility, mutual benefit and eternity, people-oriented, excellence
In line with continuous innovation and continuous development...

Company Profile

The company is located on the shore of the beautiful Taihu Lake. On the bank of the ancient canal...

Main business

Involved in the frozen trimming processing business, mainly providing burr processing services for rubber parts...


Establish a long-term strategic partnership with Japan's IWAKI の company, respect each other and communicate honestly ...


The company sincerely pursues the business philosophy of "advanced technology, quality-oriented, high-quality service ...

Sales Network

The products are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and are well received by the majority of users.

Our History

The company specializes in the production of rubber and plastic machinery for more than 10 years, and is the backbone member of China ...

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Service philosophy

people first,Guest Supreme

Talent Concept

good and suitable person

Cooperation Concept

open and honest trusting each other Unity and struggle

Human Concept

Integrity and honesty Innovation be responsible

Survival Concept

not advance or retreat

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The injection pressing flat vulcanizing machine is mainly used for vulcanizing flat tapes, which has…
As a conveyor belt joint tool, the injection press plate vulcanizer should be protected and maintain…
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